About the Authors

Hadar Hartstein of Miss Kindergarten began her teaching career in 2010 as a Kindergarten teacher and quickly fell in love with teaching Kindergarten. She loves to share her creative ideas and easy-to-use resources on her award winning site, Miss Kindergarten. She strong believes that Kindergarten should be a fun place to learn, so she works hard on finding creative ways to keep her students engaged while building their confidence when learning new skills. Her true passion is helping Kindergarteners love to learn! 

Tracy Glover of Teaching in Second Grade is a wife, mom of two college students, and a teacher. She has taught 2nd grade for 27 years. She is an avid sports fan and loves to travel to different sports stadiums around the country. Tracy loves creating engaging educational teaching resources for 1st and 2nd grade. 

Kim Miller of A Love of Teaching loves creating high quality, engaging resources for the classroom and home. Her resources include a combination of quality and ease-of-use with a focus on student achievement. Her goal is to create resources that make teaching easier.

Shelly Rees of Appletastic Learning is a wife, mom, and teacher. She loves being creative, making resources for kids, baking cookies, Diet Coke, teaching, public speaking, and spreading kindness wherever she can. She taught upper elementary for 23 years before retiring early to focus on creating and helping teachers and families around the world.
Amy from Teaching in Blue Jeans is a teacher and mom who is passtionate about education. After practicing law for 10 years, she gave in to that nagging feeling that she was supposed to be in the classroom and began her teaching career. Amy has taught Kindergarten and third grade, as well as reading intervention for students with dyslexia. After watching her son struggle through school due to learning disabilities, she made the choice to leave the classroom so that she could homeschool him. She has homeschooled him through middle school and half of high school and worked to help him fill in learning gaps. Amy knows first-hand that all students learn differently. It's with this knowledge and experience that she created educational resources that are designed to make learning fun and to help all students learn.

Heather of HoJo's Teaching Adventures strives to create a fun, engaging learning environment where she can have an impact on her students through strong relationships. She has taught grades preK-6th in some capacity, and then went on to be an elementary principal and K-12 special education director. Now Heather is home "tot schooling" a three and five-year-old while creating fun, engaging activities for kids of all ages.

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